Top 20 Soca 2011 list

This is my first blog post…first posted as a facebook note earlier this week. And by earlier I mean last night =P

As usual, this list is going to have its biases. Nevertheless I try to base my selections on radio play, songs used for soca party ads, what was played at parties, how it was reacted to at parties, and crowd reactions at parties (In Jamaica btw, for the non-Jamaicans tagged here).  I also took into account the songs  that were overall most popular, along with songs that even non-soca fans liked.

As I’ve said before I’ve more or less had this list ready since MARCH. And there’s probably been two changes to it since. It was pretty easy since only three songs REALLY dominated this year. However, because of that tight dominance it actually made it hard for me to do a Top 20 list. So…no honourable mentions this year…lol.

Feel free to comment on wat shud/shudnt b there as ppl usually do…um…this might be the first year y’all may be right! =P Seriously though, I almost feel like I left stuff out but hey…we’ll see wassup.

Anyhoo, here we go…

1. Coming Again- Machel Montano

Machel announces his re-entry into the carnival scene after a year “off” (that’s in quotes cuz of No Behaviour/Bumper to Fender/Tiefin’/Ramajay) with this song. Clever double entendres throughout the song, nice warm-up tune for a party, Machel, and the 2011 season itself.

2.  Feel Like Wukkin- Destra

I’m glad to have Destra back, but again this year her pan tunes beat out her ACTUAL tunes. Nevertheless, I love to hear the tunes the big artistes release for Cropover/other summer carnivals cuz theyre usually consistently good. This was my favourite Destra for the season, and it did get a fair amount of play despite the popularity of her other song which is mentioned further down.


3.  Speakerboxx- Super Jigga TC

Early release on the Flagship riddim… proved to be a nice warm-up song whether for socacise, fetes, or the road.

4.  Whole Day (Motobike)- Shal Marshall

Same riddim as “Speakerboxx”, also released pretty early. Socacise made me LOVE this song. Good song to play early on in a soca party, very nice song for that first warm-up bubble =D

5. Town Ting- Cassi

Surprisingly popular here….but then again it is a pretty nice, simple wining song. And the uncensored version is quite interesting too….heheheheh!

6.  Tanti  Woi- Blaxx

TAAANTI WOOOOOOOOI! AH CYAAH MISS JOUVERT MORNIN TAANTI WOOOOOI!! This was one of the earlier tunes of the season, had that nice percussion-driven thing that was maaade for that 4am trek on the road during jouvert. I really feel seh Blaxx need to focus on groovy, midtempo soca and leave di power soca alone till him go gym 364 days out of this coming year.

7.   Dance and Dingolay- Denise Belfon

Same Swahili Riddim as Tanti Woi. Not as big as the other one but still a nice warmup wining song.

8.   Come Gyal- Kes the Band

I want Kees’ babies. Just getting that out of the way because he (of course) appears again on the list and I can’t bother type it again. But yes. Babies.

I initially DIDN’T like this song because of how electronic and techno-ish it sounded. Nevertheless, it grew on me and by the time he did it live I was following his instructions like everyone else…Come gyal…and wine on it J


9.   Bend Over –Machel Montano

*weeps* I missed him. SO MUCH. *weeps* *composes self*

Same critique…didn’t like the techno/electronic thing happening. Worked for “Raving Master”, I felt, but not this. However, it has a reeeally nice beat and was produced pretty well, n it is SUCH a wining/party song. Now of course, it’s STILL my ringtone. And this song live…I shall forever associate it not only with Machel’s dancer Brittany/Brittney (dunno how u spell it) but wit Krysta, who literally left Machel speechless.

10.   Cool it Down- Destra

She mussi release bout 5 songs dis season but this is the only one that did well. Again, this had to grow on me, but lyrically it’s such a nice song, and Destra’s voice sounds good on it, as it did live. Ideal for that slow chip down the road while I’m wining a sexy guy  on d road (Ahem) I mean my hubby. *halo*

11.   Trini- Benjai

After I got over the déjà-vu from this track cuz of this: , I really enjoyed this song cuz instrumentation-wise and lyrically it’s a great song. Even though….I’m a yahdie, a yahdie… n dem love how yahdie gyal look, look, look, look, look…. (I was doing that b4 I saw Machel do it at jouvert btw. *sticks out tongue* OK moving on.)

12.   Wine to the Side- Benjai

SUCH a relatable song. This makes me think of those soca performances when I not in VIP n I cant jump the fence…I too then have to wine to the side, wine to the side, wine to the side, wine to the side, winetothewinetothewinetothewinetothewinetothewinetothewinetothe side. ….*wines* Anyhoo, definitely a big chune for the year =)

13.   Ah Ting- Kes and Kerwin DuBois

BIG TING SMALL TING AH WININ UP ON ALL TING! SHORT TING TALL TING AH WININ UP ON ALL TING! BIG BIG CHUNE, and Im pretty sure is Kerwin produce it too. FANTASTIC party song lyrically, and plenty of memories…especially wen he did it live…sigh…*bounces partner with super batty*

14.   Wotless- Kes the Band

Possibly, my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE SONG FOR THE ENTIRE SEASON. OBSESSED wit dis from DECEMBER, n it DOMINATED this season if I do say so myself. (Granted, not PALANCE domination …thank God…but it was one of maybe three that DOMINATED).  Beautiful, melodious instrumental and an equally melodic-yet-sufficiently-percussive vocal delivery to match. And the LYRICS….this is one of those songs that can be used as a fete song, jouvert song AND a road march song for masqueraders. Well-deserved Soca monarch win. Is about time Kes buss here still.

15.   Go Dung (Remix) – Lil Rick featuring Machel Montano

Arguably THE biggest song of the season- pretty impressive for a Cropover tune from the previous year. Along with “Duracell” and “Foot and Fire”, this ran things in St Vincent and Bim, and when I heard it round ma bday I totally understood why. From the Condemn riddim, sped-up socafied version of the 89 dancehall riddim (duck riddim), it was able to appeal to not just soca fans but newbies too. In fact, this song converted lots of people on its own.


…I have 11 more songs to get through, I can’t bother get worked up so quickly.

16.  So High (A.O.A) – Machel Montano

This is the song you play somewhere in the middle of the party when the vibes level is so high everyone is literally delirious. It’s exactly how you feel when you reach that point when you’ve been jumping and waving for a couple hours…feel so hiiiiiigh…as if I cud flyyyy….I feel so freee….so free to be MEEEE….. =D

17.   Where Yuh From- Kes The Band

Wow, so soca is into di riddims ting now apparently. This was on the same riddim as A.O.A, and this is MOST CERTAINLY a road song that preaches Caribbean unity and the carnival spirit…you cannot help but rep your country when you hear it =D

18.   Bend Right Ova- Buhwahomoder

Ok, wi dun wit di sentimental stuff, time to get on bad.

“…‘ey gyal, dais you?”

I’m…not sure what he’s saying for the MAJORITY of the song aside from the chorus and the bits around the chorus. I’m pretty sure he’s chatting rubbish. But hey, this is a PARTY song dat you’re supposed to wine to, and it’s one of those tracks that just INSPIRE you to wine. When this song comes on the wildness starts. Also..

Slap. Chop. Slap. Chop. Slapchopslapchop CHOPCHOPCHOPCHOPCHOPCHOPCHOPCHOP!!!!

….I just HAD to do it.

19.   Get Outta My Way- Busy Signal

Best (and only popular?) soca song out of Jamaica for the year. Best uptempo from us in a WHILE. I was really impressed. And this song was written for me and my other soca wildaz. I actually pushed people out of the way while running around screaming when this came on. And mi KNO seh ah nuh me one! (…right? Right?…)

20.   Consider it Done- Fay-Ann Lyons

If yuh neva kno seh Fay-Ann name Ms Mash-Up Fete from her past success and not to mention her roots….den…this further confirms it.  Repetitive lyrics, but effective nonetheless as this repetition is what seemed to get the crowd going anyways.

21.   Duracell Plus- Skinny Fabulous featuring Machel Montano

I prefer the original, but from dis buss, I knew we’d never hear the original in Jamaica. Machel, in his quest to be EVERYWHERE this season, jumped on this song, with surprisingly good results. The song’s main chant “We Charge Up” is the ultimate energy boost to the partying socaphile, and sure enough that’s exactly what happens when this comes on. Also, go Skinny, three consecutive years of big hits, can’t wait to see what’s up for Vincy Mas this year =D

22.   Come to meh- Iwer George

I cannot stand about 85% of what Iwer George has done since the late 90s. (not counting Carnival Come Back and Fete after Fete) The man’s repetitive ting gets on my NEEEEEEEEEEEEEERVES. Just mention that song bout Let Me See Yuh Hand and watch my (admittedly extreme) repulsed reaction. I’m pretty sure veins pop out of my neck.

That said, Come to Meh and its Grenadian jab-jabness proved to be one of the bigger songs of the year and one of my top five overall songs for the entire season. This was such a clever move in terms of doing something different (well for HIM anyways) and the rhythm of the track is so simple and primal yet it just drives you forward on the road anyways…well until he says to go away from him and you run in the opposite direction LOL….

Anyways, moving on.

23.   Hard Wuk- Machel Montano

This song reminds me of a zillion other songs, including one that he did in the early 00s…but as I’ve said, Trinis and by extension (and possibly worse) Jamaicans lap up whatever Machel decides to spew out. Admittedly, the song is a pretty good vibes-builder and a really nice wining song. Well a good wining song for partners. Cuz…for solo wines…there was…

24.   Illegal- Machel Montano

I actually don’t think I should be reviewing this song. I love it too much. It means too much to me and my heavy-t bumpa and snake oil waistline. I can’t even get past the intro on a regular basis without pulling up the song (and neither cud the djs on the radio/at parties). This is song where absolutely NO BEHAVIOUR (hehe) shud be had, cuz ure supposed to SHOW DEM YOU DOES GET ON BAD! Lawd I can’t even type about this song without getting excited. This song really had an interesting effect on not just me but most female patrons….as such I consider this the uptempo 2011 answer to Go Dung.

25.   Advantage- Machel Montano

Fay-Ann did it in 09, and JW & Blaze did it in 2010. Now again in 2011, Machel won Soca Monarch and Road March with the same song. While people have continued to speculate and what-not about the Soca Monarch win, there was NO OTHER song that could have truly taken the Road March. This song…this song is SUCH a CARNIVAL ROAD MARCH SONG. I mean….beginning to end.

And LIVE….this song WAS SO MUCH BETTER LIVE….It actually wasn’t one of my top 5 tunes for 2011 but with each party it climbed up a few spots and after those encored at jouvert…DEFINITELY in the top 5 now. Just as Palance was associated with 2010 yr in soca, this will b the uptempo associated with c2k11.

Well, I think that’s it. Consider It Done. (waves wildly then returns to seat)

Going through the other islands’ stuff now like the rest of the Soca Junkies among us, can’t wait for September when new songs start bussing again! Carnival 2012 wi seh!


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